5 Important Features Every Texas Data Center Should Have

Did you know that Texas has one of the country’s largest concentrations of data centers? The state has a relatively stable climate and weather patterns, and most areas are immune to seismic activity. But that doesn’t mean every Texas data center is able to deliver the same level of reliability and protection. In practice, the most important features have to do with its design and construction, not its location. Here’s what your Texas data center should have:

  1. Redundant Connections. Redundant power and network connections are mandatory. When uncontrollable issues knock out the electricity and render the internet unavailable, you want to know that your Texas data center can seamlessly switch to alternative sources and keep your mission-critical assets online.
  2. Site Security. Given the cost and importance of servers and storage devices, on-site security should be a major concern. Look for a Texas data center that has secured entry points, facility-wide CCTV monitoring, locked server cabinets, and 24/7 in-person security.
  3. Flexible Options. Don’t settle for a Texas data center that can’t carefully match your needs with their offerings. They should be able to provide options ranging from a ΒΌ cabinet up to a private data center, and give you access to your colocated assets at any time and on every day of the year.
  4. Hybrid Solutions. A great Texas data center will not just help you house your IT infrastructure but also expand and optimize it. Look for one that can deliver hybrid solutions allowing you to integrate the assets you already have with cost-effective virtual servers as needed.
  5. Recovery Resources. In the wake of a disaster your ability to conduct business will be significantly compromised. Find a Texas data center that can help you safeguard your technology, and also serve as a temporary operating base for your company. The features that make it the ideal site for colocating IT also make it ideal for gathering and organizing your team.

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