5 Signs You Need a Technology Disaster Recovery Plan

By May 18, 2015 Learn No Comments

These days, creating and updating a technology disaster recovery plan has become standard operating procedure for businesses of all sizes and across industries. But there are still a number of business that have either rejected or neglected the process and are simply biding their time until they suffer the consequences. Below we’ve put together a list of five signs that your technology disaster recovery plan is overdue.

  1. You’ve Recently Lost Power. A power outage is just one example of the kinds of unexpected and uncontrollable events that can send your IT offline. It’s also a relatively minor example. Storms, maintenance issues, and problems with network connections can all sink your IT infrastructure. When that happens, you’ll need to turn to your technology disaster recovery plan.
  2. You’ve Added New IT Assets. Adding just a few new IT assets represents a significant capital investment. If you value that investment, you’ll need to have a plan in place to protect it. That could be the difference between keeping those assets functioning properly and having to scrap them entirely.
  3. You’ve Generated New Data. The size and scope of big data are affecting every corner of IT. If you’ve begun collecting and processing this data, in any form, you’ll need to take measures to secure it. Relatively small problems can cause it to be lost permanently. A technology disaster recovery plan is the responsible contingency.
  4. Your IT Team is In Flux. Your IT team is singularly responsible for the health of your infrastructure. If you have recently lost staff or been struggling to bring new staff on, that infrastructure is in an unavoidably vulnerable position. Having a plan in place for if and when issues arise is a necessary safeguard.
  5. IT is Critical to Your Business. What would happen to your bottom line if you went a day with no IT at all? What if that time frame shrank to just an hour or stretched to a week? If it would impact the strength of your business in any way, then you need to do what is best for your growth strategy and start planning for IT problems.

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