Colocation, Disaster Recovery Go Hand in Hand

By February 16, 2015 What We DO No Comments

Colocation and disaster recovery are often discussed discreetly, but the truth is that the two solutions are intimately linked. Without colocation, disaster recovery becomes much slower and more expensive. Similarly, disaster recovery is basically impossible when data is lost, a problem colocation completely eliminates. Use this guide to better understand the challenges of disaster recovery and the ways that colocation resolves them.

  • Business Continuity. In the wake of a disaster, the most immediate concern is restoring your ability to do business. Everything else can come later. But when your IT infrastructure is destroyed and your data is inaccessible, there may be no way to meet your obligation to clients and customers. Colocation ensures that you always have access, even following a major catastrophe, so that you can get back to work faster.
  • Asset Loss Protection. When expensive IT hardware is destroyed, it exacerbates the challenge of disaster recovery by adding major new line items to the recovery budget. Since money is already tight, this extra cost is always prohibitive, but, unfortunately, always necessary. Colocation protects this hardware so that you don’t have to struggle with replacement costs.
  • Full-Spectrum Security. The risk of your office being destroyed in a hurricane is relatively small. But the risk that you will be without power for a few hours, or that a simple mistake will degrade server performance are common, and even inevitable. Thanks to colocation, disaster recovery is possible in every potential circumstance, not just when the worst hits. This makes it a tool you will come to rely on regularly.
  • Lower-Cost Prevention. The best possible outcome of a major disaster is low recovery cost. Unfortunately, the cost of constructing an ironclad facility built to respond to every foreseeable circumstance is cost prohibitive for most business. Colocation allows clients to avoid this major expense, while ensuring a higher level of protection overall. This lowers the overall cost of disaster recovery while streamlining the time it takes to get a practical, actionable plan in place.

If you haven’t considered colocation, disaster recovery could be impossible. Learn more about your options by contacting SiteB Data today.