Don’t Let San Antonio Server Colocation Scare You

By November 27, 2014 What We DO No Comments

If you are considering relying on San Antonio server colocation but still have some reservations, you may be operating under some misconceptions. Here are four reasons why this smart IT strategy could be right for you:

  1. You will still have complete access to your servers. You’ll never be cut off from your mission-critical assets when you depend on server colocation. Our facility is open to you at any time, and getting to your servers is as easy as signing in.
  2. Your servers are safe in our facility. The security of your equipment is our paramount concern. Our secure San Antonio server colocation facility is equipped with an expansive surveillance network, multiple means for access control, on-site guards, and reliable tamper-monitoring systems. Plus, your equipment is kept in individual locked cages that only you can access.
  3. Power and network connections are guaranteed. Unless you have a custom-built, on-site data center, you can get more reliability from your servers by housing them at our facility. We have multiple redundant power sources and network connections that ensure you always have equipment operability, no matter what is going on at your office.
  4. San Antonio server colocation is cost effective. You will likely spend less to operate your servers than you do now. That is because we have built a world-class data center, and made it available to a broad customer base. The cost to each customer ends up being significantly less than even a modest on-site data center would be. Factor in our ultra-efficient use of electricity, our careful environmental monitoring, our ironclad security systems, and our multiple redundancies and fail safes, and the true value of server colocation becomes clear.

Our datacenter is also perfectly located to reach all of the Americas, meaning you gain a significant strategic advantage by colocating with us. Learn more about our San Antonio server colocation plans by contacting SiteB Data today.