FAQ: Should I Have a Business Continuity Plan Checklist?

By June 18, 2015 Learn No Comments

The short answer is yes, all businesses should have a business continuity plan checklist. To find out why, read our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below:

  • What is a Business Continuity Plan Checklist? Business continuity planning is a complicated process. Just think of how much goes into operating your business, and then multiply that by the chaos of a disaster. A business continuity plan checklist is used to ensure that you cover all your bases. It turns the process into a systematic approach so you don’t forget a key piece of IT or fail to enlist someone with crucial skills and information.
  • What Disasters Do I Need to Be Worried About? Probably more than you realize. People mistakenly think that business continuity planning is all about preparing for hurricanes and tornadoes. While severe storms are a serious concern, more common and seemingly minor events can affect your business continuity just as much. Things as innocuous as a power outage, on-site maintenance issue, or lost network connections can seriously compromise your ability to serve your clients.
  • What Does it Take to Develop a Business Continuity Plan Checklist? First and foremost – commitment to the process. But once you and your team are on board, it’s relatively painless to put together the checklist. There are lots of free resources available online, and often it takes nothing more than a few meetings and some frank conversation to make sure you’re protected as well as you want to be.
  • What Comes After a Business Continuity Plan Checklist? A couple of things. First, you need to flesh the checklist out into a broader business continuity plan. Then you need to begin gathering together any resources you may need to implement your plan when and if it should ever be necessary. Finally, you need to be committed to returning to and updating your plan, at least twice a year and preferably once every quarter.

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