The Story So Far

SiteB provides safe, secure and scalable solutions for
companies that require a reliable hosting provider.

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Our Mission is to deliver Hosting Services that are accessible to businesses of all sizes, with the necessary performance, availability, and Superior Customer Support for the most demanding applications.

SiteB Data is a leading provider of data center colocation, dedicated hosting, cloud solutions, regional networking, and disaster avoidance services. With a highly secure data center in San Antonio and additional points of presence (POPs) in Corpus Christi, and Harlingen, SiteB is a natural gateway to US and Latin American audiences and a crucial element of South Texas business disaster planning and business continuity management.

Our data center’s redundant fiber connectivity with multiple network carriers assures that our clients experience fast, low-latency transfers, while our POPs furnish our South Texas customers with local loop rates and connection speeds of up to 10-Gbps. Small organizations to large corporations can rely on SiteB for disaster avoidance,business continuity management, and business disaster planning.

Our Data Center

SiteB Data’s 27,000 sq. ft. San Antonio data center was designed from the ground up as a flexible, efficient, and highly secure data center that can house the most demanding configurations. Our highly secure Texas data center, with its many advanced features, is backed by our 100% power and network uptime SLAs. SiteB Data offers a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable facility for your business servers.


SiteB Data’s San Antonio data center features multiple advanced security measures. Our facility is well protected against unauthorized entry; cabinets and cages are locked to secure against access by anyone other than the server owner. Additional security procedures and technologies include:

• Full-motion video cameras for CCTV surveillance of every access point
• Hand Key Biometric Access Control
• All secure areas are accessible only through dual-door man traps with discrete access controls.
• All cabinets are individually keyed; caged areas are available for added privacy.

Ample Redundant Power

Our San Antonio data center boasts a superior power grid with abundant clean power. Multiple redundancies, both inside and outside the metropolitan loop, and diverse sources of backup power ensure continuous power availability.

• Reliable APC power distribution units (PDU), enterprise grade Powerware uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and ASCO automatic transfer switches
• Power densities over 200 watts per square foot at 480, 240, 220, and 120 volts.
• Facility-wide redundancies with maintenance bypasses that ensure continued data availability
• 500 KW backup diesel generator with 72 hours of fuel supply

Efficient Cooling

Overheating degrades server performance. Our infrastructure keeps your servers at their peak with:

• Innovative Hot Aisle Containment System fortified with backup HVAC improves efficiency and lowers operating costs
• Redundant 30-Ton Liebert CRAC units
• Discrete redundant cooling units dedicated to UPS equipment and Electrical Room

Data Center Connectivity

• Carrier neutral, allowing you the freedom to bring in your carrier to work with our data center
• Multiple Fiber providers – AT&T, TW Telecom, Time Warner Cable, Cogent, Level 3, and VTX
• Dual fiber entrances on all feeds ensure fast global availability

Proactive Environmental Monitoring

• All environmental, network, and security systems are proactively monitored via redundant systems
• Monitoring servers are mirrored at two (2) other locations
• Alerts go to two (2) or more on-call SiteB Data personnel

The Internal Network

Site B Data deploys a 10-Gbps Multi-Protocol Label Switching with comprehensive Quality of Service (MPLS/QOS) backbone. MPLS helps to avoid repeated, inefficient, complex lookups in routing tables and improve efficiency in high-performance networks. QOS manages network bandwidth, delay, jitter, and packet loss to assure that critical applications are guaranteed the network resources they need despite varying network traffic load.

The External Network

Site B Data’s Juniper Edge Network consists of redundant BGP peerings with multiple telecom providers, featuring Level3, TWT Telecom, and Cogent. We operate our own ARIN assigned IP space, which, when coupled with BGP upstream peerings, places us in full control of routing advertisements and ensures that hosted customers receive the fastest possible , low latency connection.

Last Mile Connectivity

To facilitate our regional service, we let customers connect to any of our points of presence (POPs) in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, and Laredo. This guarantees the fastest connection with the data center networks with a minimal hop count – offering a highly competitive value. Another advantage is our fully managed MPLS network, which allows a customer’s LAN to be spread out via multiple data centers at up to 10-Gbps speed.

Our Network

Site B Data’s San Antonio facility is a highly secure and advanced Texas data centers. We use Juniper and Cisco hardware to ensure fast, latency-free connectivity to the Internet and to our metro area network (MAN).

Carrier-Neutral  and Blended Solutions