Overwhelmed? A Breakdown of How Texas Colocation Works

By May 4, 2015 Learn No Comments

Part of the beauty of Texas colocation is that it eliminates so many common IT issues overnight. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of operating even a modest on-site data center, it could be exactly the solution you require. We’ve broken it down to a simple three step process so you can better understand how Texas colocation works.

  1. Move Your Assets Off-Site. After identifying the pieces of your IT infrastructure that you want to move off-site and selecting a Texas colocation provider, you should begin shifting technology out of your office. This normally requires a minimum amount of time and resources depending on the number of assets you’re moving. An official with your Texas colocation facility will help guide the process of getting everything set up, and just that quickly you’ve untethered your office and your data center.
  2. Leave the Hassles Up to the Provider. Running your own data center is such a challenge because high-tech assets are temperamental and data centers are unpredictable. One mistake and you could lose thousands of dollars in expensive equipment and countless amounts of priceless data. All the challenges of environmental monitoring, facilities maintenance, security, and business continuity are handled by your Texas colocation provider. You continue to benefit from your IT without having to deal with the majority of the back-end maintenance.
  3. Profit from Your Decision. The exact benefits of Texas colocation might not be immediately clear. But imagine if a minor maintenance problem at your office ruined your servers, a severe storm made your headquarters inaccessible, or a shake up in your IT team made it impossible for your data center to function. These are exactly the kinds of problems that make it impossible for a business to grow. When you rely on Texas colocation, they become irrelevant.

If you are ready to speak directly to a team of colocation experts operating a world-class facility, contact SiteB Data today.