Quarter Cabinet Colocation: For All Company Sizes and Budgets

By December 26, 2014 What We DO No Comments

There is a common misconception that colocation is a service only available to the largest businesses, or those with the most technical dependency. Unfortunately, that has led a number of small and midsized businesses to forego the benefits of colocation because they don’t understand how accessible they really are.

Quarter cabinet colocation is designed for exactly this kind of business. It provides 10U of space for less than $250 a month. A business can use as much or as little of that space as they want, all for a cost that fits easily into even a modest IT budget. Here are just a few benefits of quarter cabinet colocation:

  1. Security – Colocation allows you to store your mission-critical IT assets in a facility that is secure from severe weather, thieves, and problems with your facility. Even if you use just one or two servers, the consequences if they were lost or destroyed would be severe. Quarter cabinet collocation allows you to add multiple extra layers of security without paying for expensive alternative solutions.
  2. Maintenance – Colocation facilities are designed to be the ideal server environment. Temperature and environmental factors are carefully monitored, and the site has multiple redundant power sources and network connections. This alleviates some of the most challenging and persistent maintenance hassles associated with in-house server management.
  3. Cost – Quarter cabinet colocation accommodates up to 10 1U rack servers. Running all those servers on-site takes a lot of power. However, in a colocation facility, the cost of the utilities you use is worked into the monthly price. Furthermore, thanks to careful monitoring and maintenance, servers tend to have a longer lifespan in a colocation facility. That means the money you spend is actually helping you lower your overall costs.
  4. Simplicity – Many small and midsize businesses only need to rely on a few servers, but don’t have the budget or inclination to set up an in-house data center. Opting for quarter cabinet colocation allows these businesses to expedite the deployment process without making expensive investments to reorganize their office space.

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