Is Your San Antonio Data Recovery Plan Ready?

By January 20, 2015 What We DO No Comments

Having an insufficient data recovery plan is as bad as having no plan at all. Do you know what it takes to have an effective San Antonio data recovery plan? Ask yourself these 5 questions to find out:

  1. Are you protected against every contingency? The problem with many data recovery plans is that they focus on either interruptions or catastrophes, but not both. That leaves companies struggling to respond to circumstances not addressed by their plan. The best plans outline a course of action regardless of the nature or severity of the problem.
  2. Are all your assets covered? Important data is often spread throughout a network, rather than being consolidated in one place. In order to retrieve everything in the wake of a disaster, it’s essential that all these disparate sources have a backup in place. If even one source of data can’t be recovered, the consequences could be dire.
  3. Are all your stakeholders involved? Every San Antonio data recovery plan must accommodate every party that has a stake in that data, including vendors, sub contractors, partners, and freelancers. If everyone is working in sync, your recovery will be as streamlined as possible.
  4. Are you covered in case of losses? Effective data recovery must make provisions for the loss of essential hardware. Even if you don’t lose the data itself, the machines that store it must be able to either weather a catastrophe or be replaced immediately. If the funds have not been set aside in advance, budgetary problems could dampen your recovery.
  5. Are You Focused on Business Continuity? It’s easy for a data recovery plan to get bogged down in details and remote contingencies. Remember that the point of any plan is to ensure business continuity so that your core obligations and opportunities are not interrupted in the wake of a disaster. No matter what form your plan takes, make sure that the seamless restoration of operations is your primary focus.

Without a colocation partner, the cost and confusion of a San Antonio data recovery plan are only multiplied. Protect your IT infrastructure by housing it in a secure, off-site location, and your entire business becomes safer. Speak to SiteB Data to learn more about how accessible and cost-effective your colocation options are.