SiteB vs. Other Texas Data Centers

By February 10, 2015 What We DO No Comments

Did you know that Texas has more colocation data centers than almost every other state in the country? Because Texas is largely immune from natural disasters and provides a safe and stable location for these facilities to operate, it is the go-to state for safe data centers. That being said, not all Texas data centers are equal. Since there are so many, they operate on a wide spectrum of quality. If you want to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to understand what separates the good from the bad. Here are just 6 reasons why SiteB data stands out from other Texas data centers:

  1. Disaster-Proof Facilities. Businesses choose to colocate because their offices may be vulnerable to natural disasters, fires, power outages, and mistakes. However, if the colocation facility is just as vulnerable, the extra protection is just superficial. SiteB Data operates out of a building that has been specifically designed to stand up to high winds, severe storms, raging fires, and blowing debris. SiteB Data can stand up to forces that would leave other Texas data centers in shambles.
  2. Expansive Security. SiteB Data employs the very best of today’s advanced security measures so that clients never have to worry about equipment or data being stolen or compromised. Thanks to facility-wide CCTV monitoring, biometric access controls, 24/7 on-site security staff, and locked server cages, every entry point is protected, and there is an auditable record in the event that security is ever breached.
  3. True Flexibility. Though other Texas data centers may have equally exceptional facilities, they are typically so expensive and restrictive that only the biggest clients can benefit from them. SiteB Data offers a flexible menu of options meant to satisfy the full spectrum of users. You can opt for something as small as a ΒΌ cabinet capable of holding up to 10 1U rack servers, to something as expansive as an entire private data center, and every configuration in between. Clients can also design a customized option meant to address their specific needs while staying within budget.
  4. San Antonio Location. Texas is a big state, meaning that some regions are more stable than others. SiteB Data is located in San Antonio, which benefits from a confluence of factors that make it the ideal place to set up a data center. The climate is mild and consistent, the area is largely immune from hurricanes and severe storms, seismic activity is negligible, and there is a robust electrical grid in place. San Antonio is uniquely equipped to deliver the kinds of safeguards that clients look for in Texas data centers. Plus, this location in South Texas is ideally positioned to reach all of the United States, Mexico, and Latin America.
  5. Reliable Redundancy. The SiteB Data facility has been enhanced with multiple redundant power sources and network connections. Even when power outages and network downtimes affect neighboring properties, SiteB Data is connected. Few other Texas data centers offer as many layers or protection and uninterrupted continuity guarantees as SiteB does.
  6. Dedicated Hosting Options. SiteB Data is equipped to offer both colocation and dedicated hosting services. This appeals to clients whose options are limited at other Texas data centers. With SiteB, clients can satisfy their data center requirements affordably, scale them upwards immediately, eliminate maintenance and monitoring concerns, and rely on expert service and support.

To fully appreciate what separates SiteB Data from all other Texas data centers, you really need to dive into the numbers. Let one of our representatives walk you through the details and show you exactly how our offerings will benefit your bottom line. Contact SiteB today to partner with the best.