Small Business Colocation: 5 Things to Look for in a Facility

By January 13, 2015 What We DO No Comments

Are you considering relying on small business colocation to make it easier to handle IT infrastructure management? If so, look for these 5 things in any facility you choose.

  1. Security. Your small business colocation facility must be secure from all types of threats. Look for a facility that is located away from the coasts and designed to withstand severe weather. It should also restrict entry and access by using CCTV, having on-site security, and implementing the best of today’s security technologies.
  2. Redundancy. You depend on your small business colocation facility to maintain your access to mission-critical IT assets, even when your physical business location has been compromised. That’s why the facility must have multiple redundant power sources and network connections. The issues that affect you can’t also affect your colocation facility.
  3. Flexibility. Make sure that any provider you choose to partner with is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of small businesses, and is capable of scaling those needs upwards quickly and cost effectively as necessary. Never settle for a provider that forces you to settle for options that offer too much or too little.
  4. Location. Ultimately, a properly positioned small business colocation facility can be a strategic advantage. Look for a provider that is positioned to expand your reach to where more of your target audience is located. Providers located in the center of the country are capable of reaching all of America, Canada, and Latin America.
  5. Service. You take a leap of faith when you house your expensive and important IT assets in a small business colocation facility. That’s why you want a provider that is also a true partner. Examine the level of service different competitors are willing to offer, and go with the company that offers you dedicated, personalized service as soon as you need it, no matter when you need it.

Relying on small business colocation can transform the way you run your business, but only if your go with the right provider from the start. Contact an expert from SiteB Data, and learn how our services are uniquely designed to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses.