The Dangers of Not Having a Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

By June 25, 2015 Learn No Comments

Too many businesses think that a data center disaster recovery plan is just an empty management initiative that will eat up valuable time and resources before collecting dust in a drawer. Unfortunately, these are the same companies that go under for reasons they could have easily prevented. If you are not yet convinced that having a data center disaster recovery plan is a worthwhile contingency, consider what you could lose:

  • Essential Data. If you operate a data center, data is clearly central to your business. If something were to happen to that data and it couldn’t be retrieved, it could set your company back weeks, months, or permanently. If could also damage your relationship with clients, expose you to regulatory penalties, and destroy irreplaceable R&D. In short, it would be catastrophic, even if it happened on a relatively small scale. Developing a data center disaster recovery plan is an easy way to keep a stumble from turning into a fall.
  • Essential Hardware. The money you’ve spent on data center hardware alone is substantial. Losing your data would be one kind of crisis, but having that hardware destroyed by a storm, fire, or simple maintenance issue could subject you to tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs. No only that, your data center would be disabled throughout the entire process. A disaster recovery plan is one way to mitigate the consequences.
  • Essential Services. Disaster recovery isn’t just about avoiding destruction. It’s also meant to ensure you have uninterrupted access to your IT infrastructure, even when something completely unexpected and totally out of your control happens. That way, even if your office and staff are in turmoil, you can continue to operate the core of your business. Service interruptions are too common not to have a data center disaster recovery plan to fall back on.

The need for disaster recovery planning is only growing, and faster than ever before. Do you still need to put together your data center disaster recovery plan? Before something happens to your data center, contact the team at SiteB center disaster recovery