The Ultimate Guide to Comparing Data Centers in Texas

By April 23, 2015 Learn No Comments

There are more colocation data centers in Texas than in any other state besides California. This gives companies a lot of options, but it can also make it a challenge to compare the merits of one provider vs. another. Below we’ve highlighted the criteria you need to focus on to identify the best colocation data centers in Texas.

  1. Security. One of the primary reasons that you are moving your IT assets off-site is that they are vulnerable when housed in your own data center. Carefully evaluate the security measures in place before you commit to any colocation facility. The best ones have on-site security, full CCTV monitoring, biometric controls on access points, and locked colocation cages.
  2. Redundancy. The other major reason to colocate is to ensure that issues that affect your office don’t affect your IT. Look for data centers in Texas that have multiple redundant power and network connections, and multiple measures in place to control environmental conditions. These redundancies should be backed up by careful monitoring so that small problems don’t grow unnecessarily.
  3. Flexibility. Your needs tomorrow could be much different than your needs today. That’s why it’s important to seek out data centers in Texas that meet your present requirements and keep pace with you as you grow. For maximum flexibility, look for a company that can provide you with options ranging from a ¼ cabinet to a full private data center, and gives you the option to work from the cloud.
  4. SLAs. Lots of data centers in Texas make bold claims about their security and reliability, but ultimately these are just empty promises unless they are backed up by service level agreements (SLAs). Don’t partner with any provider that doesn’t strictly define what level of service you can expect and institute meaningful penalties if that level of service is not maintained.

The final thing to emphasize is that not all Texas data centers are created equal. Choosing the right one has a major impact on the amount you pay long-term and the level of reliability you enjoy. Learn how an industry-leader operates by contacting SiteB Data.