My Weight Loss

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As of October 21, 2014 I have lost 81 pounds. I started this quest on July 23, 2014. The two questions I constantly get are “ Do you feel great?” and “How are you doing it so fast?” To answer the former, NO! I am always tired. As for the latter, well that’s a little bit more complicated.
Let me start off by saying you are probably not going to like it. It is not impossible but it is difficult. You are in a war of attrition. There will be no big victories until much later in the game. You are fighting your own body and it has all the advantages.
This is what I did to lose the weight:


This is the first step and probably the hardest. I was originally going to call this part belief but that would be incorrect. For example, many people believe that they are going to win the lottery but few do. You have to KNOW that you are going to lose the weight. What makes this hard is changing your whole outlook. The reason many people gain weight is that they are full of self-doubt, which leads to a downward spiral (including myself). You have to reverse the spiral and that is really, really hard. However, once you have made decision and know in your inner core that you are going to do it. The work is much easier.


Find something that you think is impossible and make it your goal. This is your overall strategic plan. Make sure it’s specific and applies to your weight loss. For me it was losing 100 pounds because that’s such huge number. Then promptly forget about. Your impossible goal becomes more important later.

Get Some Help

At the very least, have a metabolic assessment done. This was big because it showed that I was very good at burning fat at lower levels of exertion . This meant I did not have to try and kill myself when exercising. My regimen became slow and steady. It meant I had to go longer periods of time but that was ok. I would also get a trainer and a nutritionist. They really helped out when I had questions and when your paying good money, you tend to show up to workout.

5 to 7 Days

This is really important. Set goals that are reachable in 5 to 7 days. My official weigh in days are Tuesday. I would set a goal of I am going to lose 5 pounds in that week. This is Very important. These are your small victories and you need to win some of these to keep going. Don’t be discouraged if you miss your goal the first time out. Readjust your goal. The key here is to win some. Nothing is more discouraging than constantly missing you goals.

Read a Book

As I work out, I read. Especially books about people who have gone through much more trying experiences that I am going through. For example, I just finished reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It’s the story of Louis Zamperinie. He was a World War II POW that was adrift in the Pacific for 47 days with little food or water before he captured by the Japanese. During his time adrift, his raft was strafed by an enemy plane so he had to jump in the water and fought of a shark by punching it. If he could do that, does another 15 minutes on a treadmill seem so hard? See what I mean.

Get a Good Playlist

A good set of songs can make a world of difference. It achieves two things. First it keeps your mind off the task at hand and it can provide the extra motivation when things get bad. This is personal, no recommendations from me. Last thing; get a good set of Bluetooth wireless headphones, wires just get in the way.

 It Doesn’t Get Easier but You Get Used to It

As you rack up the little wins, you will get excited and that can carry you a long way. Your clothes will start getting loose. You can sit in booths at restaurants. The compliments will start. All of these will make the workouts and diet easier.

 The Little Victories became Big Ones

Before you know it, all those little victories will start to add up. My first big victory was getting under 300 lbs. The second was my halfway point. The funny thing is you will start to gain momentum. The little victories become easier and the big ones will come faster.

The Impossible becomes Very Probable

This is the stage where I am at now. I am 19 pounds away from hitting my Impossible Goal (as of 10/21/2014). That’s not such a big number. I should hit it around the 12th or 13th of November. I’m not dealing in Little Victories anymore. I am only concentrating on the prize. I have command of this war now. My body is in full retreat and it is only a matter of time before I will have total victory. You just have to stick with it and keep pushing. Just concentrate on the Little Victories and you can win your war. Before you know it, The Impossible doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

The Mechanics

By now you probably asking what were the specific things I did. It was pretty easy actually. It was all based on a simple concept:
Move More and Eat Less
I tweaked the concept a bit to become as efficient as possible in burning fat. This is what I am doing:
1300 calories or less per day (usually less)
Keep my carbs under 30 grams per day (I’ve had lots of zero carb days)
5 days a week I work out twice a day. Minimum of hour each workout ( I am up to hour and a half now). That is actual time working out, not time at the gym.
1 day is a heavy weight lifting and I only workout once that day.
1 day is an optional workout day. I usually take the day off every other week.
I do a variety of exercises. I swim, stationary bike, treadmill, and weightlift. As long as you are moving you’re doing well.
That’s about it. Good Luck. If I can do it, anybody can.