10 Benefits of Business Continuity Planning

By July 27, 2015 Learn No Comments

We have written extensively about business continuity planning in the past. But much of our focus has been on highlighting how common disasters are and how vulnerable the average business is. In this post we have chosen to take a more positive spin and highlight the singular benefits of business continuity planning:

  1. Survive and Recover – Prioritizing business continuity makes it possible to turn a major disaster into a minor setback.
  2. Reveal Inefficiencies – Business continuity planning forces you to take a close look at your business and rank things in order of importance. That gives you a deeper insight into your core business model and will aid in your strategic decision making.
  3. Enhance Marketing – Committing to business continuity planning shows your clients/ customers that you are prepared to serve their needs no matter what.
  4. Aid Recruiting/Retention – Companies that mitigate risks and safeguard operations provide a welcome level of stability to their workforce. That helps these companies attract talent and boost loyalty.
  5. Lower Insurance Premiums – Disasters affect your insurance provider as much as they affect you. Business continuity planning demonstrates your commitment to keeping claims low and can help you negotiate better terms/rates with your insurer.
  6. Meet Compliance Mandates – Regulatory compliance becomes a lot harder in the wake of a disaster. Business continuity planning makes it easier to remain compliant and avoid stiff fines and penalties.
  7. Improve Communication – Business continuity planning forces you to evaluate the communication channels already present in your business and identify ways to improve speed and efficiency. That serves your interests both before and after a disaster.
  8. Invite Investment – Business continuity planning demonstrates to investors that you take your long-term health/stability seriously and are equipped to deliver a faster ROI.
  9. Negotiate Stronger – You can use your expertise in business continuity as a tool to help you spot weaknesses in other businesses and negotiate more favorable terms for yourself.
  10. Reduce Stress – A million different things can compromise your business. Taking business continuity planning seriously helps you cross a number of entries off that list.

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