Colocation Disaster Recovery: 5 Emergencies Your Texas Company Should Prepare for

By April 20, 2015 Learn No Comments

Effectively recovering from a disaster depends on understating all the threats that could affect your business, and preparing for each of them. Unfortunately, too often businesses only plan for the worst and discover the hard way that they were more vulnerable than they realized. Learn about the 5 emergencies that all Texas companies need to prepare for, and ask yourself if it’s time to implement a colocation disaster recovery strategy.

  1. Severe Storms. This is particularly an issue in the areas in and around Houston, but severe storms pop up throughout the state. It’s common for these storms to affect power and network connections, and in extreme cases they can leave an office building in ruins. Companies must create contingencies in the event that their entire data center is rendered inaccessible, or destroyed.
  2. Floods and Fires. Depending on your location, you might be in an area that floods regularly or grapples with wild fires. And even if you are not, most parts of the state are vulnerable under extreme conditions. Like storms, floods and fires can compromise access to utilities and can instantly wreck a room full of essential IT.
  3. Power Outages. Just as damaging as storms and far more common, power outages can turn a mission-critical data center into nothing more than a dark room. Dozens of issues from the major to the minor can cut off your access to power, and when that happens, your data center becomes useless.
  4. Maintenance Problems. This is probably the single biggest threat facing any data center, and it can take many forms. A sprinkler can accidentally discharge, a cooling system can malfunction, or a fire could start, just to name a few. Even the newest, nicest, and best-maintained offices can’t guarantee that the unexpected won’t affect IT.
  5. Theft. Data center equipment is valuable, and the information stored on it can be priceless. That makes it a prime target for thieves. Facilities that are not carefully secured put these assets at risk, and the consequences of a theft can be catastrophic.

Preparing for all of these emergencies or any of the dozens more that can compromise business operations is a challenge, but a colocation disaster recovery strategy is an easy solution. Learn more about the benefits of moving off-site by contacting the team at SiteB Data.