Dedicated Hosting

For When You Need the Horsepower that Only Dedicated Hardware can Provide

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Dedicated Servers

You want full control. Here it is. The server is dedicated to you.

Value Server

$ 79

Per Month
2 X Intel Dual-Core Xeon 5150 (2.66 GHz, 4MB L2 Cache)
16 GB Memory
2X500 GB SATA in Raid 1 Configuration
10 TB Bandwidth

Power Server

$ 229

Per Month
2 X Intel Quad-Core Xeon L5520 (2.33 GHz, 2X4MB L2 Cache)
16 GB Memory
2X500 GB SATA in Raid 1   Configuration
10 TB Bandwidth

Enterprise Server

$ 289

Per Month
2 X Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620 (2.4 GHz, 2X8MB L2 Cache)
24 GB Memory
2X500 GB SATA in Raid 1  Configuration
10 TB Bandwidth

Service and Support

Average Response Time

Network Uptime

Or Less Server Deployment Time

The Power You Need for Resource Intensive Tasks

Businesses that rely on their web presence to connect with customers, sell goods and services, and enhance their productivity are increasingly turning to dedicated servers. Compared to other options, dedicated servers offer more upsides with fewer compromises for an excellent price.


Shared servers force you to split the bandwidth and memory capacity of the servers with someone else. Even if your needs are miniscule, this creates challenges. Website traffic and media use are inherently unpredictable, and if yours spikes or the company you share your server with has a sudden surge, it could render the entire server useless. Dedicated hosting service  gives you the space and predictable capacity you need to ensure that your web presence is always accessible and always reliable.


With a dedicated server, you are the only person who has physical access to your server. With a shared server, technicians you don’t know can access your server at any time. Not only does this put your sensitive data at risk, it could also compromise the performance of the server if the person working on it is not qualified. Unfortunately, since you have no control over the other party’s access when using a shared server, you can’t vet the people tinkering with the technology you rely on. Dedicated servers eliminate all of these issues and ensure that you have a predictable and auditable level of security.


When you are the only one using your server, you have the freedom to install whatever operating system, hardware, and software you need. When you share a server, you don’t have this freedom, and your performance may be compromised if the party you share the server with manages their portion inappropriately. If you have unique needs, a dedicated server gives you the capacity to meet them now and in the future.


If you have a web presence, it is your goal to draw in increasing amounts of traffic. Even if your needs are small now, you hope that they will be larger in the future. With a dedicated server, you have room to grow, and if that growth happens sooner than you expect, it won’t cause your site(s) to go offline.

Dedicated IP

With a dedicated server, you have your own IP address instead of a shared one. This has a number of advantages including increased security, better search engine rankings, and faster loading times. If you value the quality of your web presence and want to make it easier for new visitors to find you, a dedicated IP address is a great first step.

Wide Array of Operating Systems

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